Church organ costs: what can I assume?

An organ is an investment. Especially an investment in a beautiful sound. Church organs are known for their classical appearance and unparalleled sounds. Mixtuur has already supplied various church organs, also through projects. Read more about the church organ itself, what Mixtuur offers and the church organ costs.

The church organ and costs

The church organ has the model of a pipe organ, but is then used in churches. The pipe organ is an old instrument (ca. 246 BC). But, how exactly does it work? It’s like this: in the organ case, air is pressurized in the wind chests, these are the elongated cases. Then the air is released again on the pipes placed on top, each of which produces its own unique tone. Good sound is certainly very important for a church organ. The sounds must be clearly audible both in the front and in the back. Thanks to the professional audio equipment, for example, a Hauptwerk organ can be placed in every church. For the finishing touch, our technicians will be happy to visit you to tune the church organ into the room. Mixtuur’s church organs are made of metal and have a classic look. The church organ costs are estimated at over €167,000. However, it is difficult to give an opinion on this as this can differ per brand and model. At Mixtuur the church organ costs are between €7.995 and 33.450.

Electronic church organ

Church organs of Mixtuur

Mixtuur is known for its Hauptwerk system. Record your beautiful organ sounds or load various sample sets. Thanks to the Hauptwerk software program, more than hundreds of samplesets can be loaded. The sounds can hardly be separated from the original! In addition to Hauptwerk organs, there is also the choice to go for a hybrid organ. This existing pipe organ is supplemented with electronically generated sounds. It’s basically a middle ground between classic and digital.

Mixtuur has carried out various organ projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Do you have a certain image? Then let us know, because we offer the possibility to put together the organ entirely ourselves. We custom make them especially for you. Hopefully there is something for everyone and the church organ costs are also to your liking. Do you have a question or would you like to schedule an appointment for the showroom? Then contact us and our specialists will help you!

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