Discover the possibilities of our unique organ software.

Are you looking for a digital organ equipped with versatile organ software or are you curious about the possibilities? At Mixtuur organs, you will find a wide range of digital organs equipped with Hauptwerk software. This software allows you to load multiple sample sets on a single organ. You can play Bach on a Silbermann just as easily as Franck on a Cavaillé-Coll; Hauptwerk makes it all possible.

What is organ software?

Hauptwerk is an organ software specifically developed for digital pipe organs. At Mixtuur, all of our organs are equipped with Hauptwerk software. This powerful software program is based on MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). By using different sample sets, the sounds of individual organ pipes can be loaded and played. This provides a highly realistic representation where the distinct organs can be truly experienced. With this software, it becomes possible for you as an organist to play and experience realistic simulations of pipe organs from around the world.

The benefits of Hauptwerk

By choosing a Mixtuur organ equipped with Hauptwerk software, you can experience various advantages, including a highly realistic sound. This software offers samples of real pipe organs from all over the world, allowing you to experience an authentic organ sound. Due to the high quality of the samples and the numerous settings available to adjust the sound, a virtual organ equipped with this software is nearly indistinguishable from a real pipe organ. This provides a lot of flexibility, as you can play different organs and easily adjust the sound to your personal preferences. Additionally, Mixtuur offers various organ furniture options, each with its own distinctive features, to enhance the overall experience. You can find a wide range of home organs as well as church organs equipped with this organ software at Mixtuur.

Create your own organ

You can fully customize the furniture of your digital organ, including the organ software, according to your preferences. You have the choice of plain oak, CBM wood colors, or various RAL colors for the cabinet. For the keyboard, you can opt for plastic or wooden keys. Additionally, you can complete the furniture by selecting from different benches. Whether you prefer an adjustable-height bench or a bench with a lid, Mixtuur has everything you need to make your organ complete. The pedal and pistons can also be customized according to your preferences. Create a unique organ that is perfectly tailored to your desires. Request our digital brochure for more information on the possibilities.

Experience playing on a digital organ equipped with Hauptwerk software yourself. Visit our unique showroom located in the former Johannes de Doperkerk in Klundert and explore the possibilities of playing with organ software. Visits to our showroom are by appointment only. Feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to meet you.

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