Midi software

Midi software is one of the most used software to get the best sound quality. A midi organ is an electric or virtual organ that needs to be connected on a PC to produce a sound. ‘Midi’ stands for ‘Musical Instrument Digital Interface’. It’s a common thing in the electronic music world. In this way the computer communicates with the instruments.  Do you want to know more about midi software or are you just curious about our midi organs? Mixtuur is the official dealer of Hauptwerk organs which include midi software. Read on or get in touch with us to get more information. Our specialists are happy to help you. 

Organs with midi software

When you buy a keyboard in the store, most of the time they will be equipped with different kinds of instruments. This is possible because of the midi software. This is a digital software which makes it possible to create different types of sounds. Organs with midi software are virtual of electronic organs which makes it possible to create a sound by computer. The organ makes it possible that the instruments can communicate with the computer. This is indispensable if you work with electronic music. Most of the time it’s also an option to buy seperate as built-in midi software for your organ. All electronic organs by Mixtuur are provided with this software. The benefit is that you don’t need to have knowledge of computers. The organs are very easy to use and deliver the best sound quality.

Midi organ software

Hauptwerk software

Hauptwerk is a sort of midi software we use to create our organs. With the Hauptwerk system, all kinds of sounds of the individual pipes are recorded separately. In this way you can play all sorts of sounds. This is how you get the same effect of a pipe organ in a church, just at home. Other benefits of Hauptwerk midi software are: the sound is very realistic and you can create records on a CD. Also the service panel is very easy to use. 

Do you want to know more about midi software?

Do you want to know more about midi software or are you interested in buying an organ with midi software? We are happy to help you. Take a look at our offer or contact us for more information. Besides that, it’s also possible to make an appointment to see our showroom in Klundert. Then you can try our organs and get the experience of the beautiful sound.

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