Audio vernieuwing orgel in Duitsland

Hauptwerk church organ

Is it better to look for a new church organ? Or do you want to replace the classical organ for an electronic one? Mixtuur makes church organs which have the unique Hauptwerk technology. 

What is a Hauptwerk church organ?

With Hauptwerk software you can imitate the unique sounds of famous organs. The program is based on MIDI and it’s possible to install it on each organ. With the samplesets, you can reproduce the sound of the organs. The samplesets are recordings of different techniques of existing organs. That’s why the organ with Hauptwerk software can imitate each individual pipe of an original church organ.  

Unparalleled sound

A church organ needs to have a sufficient range. The sound of a bombastic, classical pipe organ, as you can see in older churches, can’t be matched. However, because of the Hauptwerk technology and professional audio, it is possible to imitate the sound of a real church organ. Also in larger spaces the sound comes into its own and is in the front and also in the back of the hall, very audible. 

Strong quality

An electronic church organ that has Hauptwerk technology is a unique piece of craftsmanship! When you choose a church organ by Mixtuur, you can absolutely be sure of the best quality. Our church organs are made of materials from the best quality. Besides that, we can provide all church organs of the Hauptwerk technology. Like the newest organs, but it can also be installed on the existing, classical church organ.

Our own production

Mixtuur produces all organs by themselves. Like the audio and instruments are made in our own productionhalls. That’s why we can follow up your wishes for the church organ. In short, investing in an electronic church organ with Mixtuur technology is a great investment. Besides that, it’s a one time release because of the quality, it will last you a lifetime! Do you want more information or do you need advice by buying an electronic church organ with Hauptwerk software? Please get in touch with us.

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