Do you want to buy a new home organ? Important tips that you shouldn’t miss.

Do you want to have an organ in your living room, or is your current one due for replacement? In preparation of buying a new one, there are a number of things you should consider. We are happy to provide you with some tips which help you to buy a new organ. 


1. Do you want a pipe organ or an electronic organ?

A pipe organ looks magnificent and often sounds really good. In general it is a huge instrument dat consists of hundreds of different parts. A pipe organ is handmade and therefore costs a lot money.

An electronic organ, also called a digital organ, is the perfect solution if you want to have an organ in your living room. It’s compact, relatively cheap and they have a lot of possibilities. However, you can definitely hear the difference between a classic pipe organ and an electronic organ. An electronic organ gives a less realistic sound.

2. Or do you prefer a Hauptwerk-organ?

Hauptwerk™ is a powerful software programm in which sample sets can be loaded from all kinds of organs which have been sampled. The sound of each pipe tone of the original organ is separately recorded. Therefore, a Hauptwerk-organ gives a realistic representation and can not be distinguished from a classic pipe organ.

At Mixtuur you have the possibility to choose an organ with a simplified version of Hauptwerk™ and organs with the standard version of Hauptwerk™.  Of course you can choose for a custom-build organ. View our custom-build organs here.

revolutionair orgel met traditioneel uiterlijk

3. New or second-hand?

To buy a new organ can cost a lot of money. Did you know that you can also find second-hand organs at Ebay?

4. What kind of sound do you prefer?

Every organ has its own unique sound. It’s important that, before you purchase an organ, you should think about what kind of sound you like. One of the many advantages of a Hauptwerk-organ is that you don’t have to choose between the different sounds. You can easily download samples from hundreds of different organs, each with its own sound. The Mixtuur technology ensures that you don’t have to have any knowledge of computers in order to enjoy your favorite organs.

5. Design

How much space do you have available for your organ? Should the organ be placed in your living room, or do you have another room available? Would you prefer a classic finish or should the organ blend into the modern interior of your home? Discuss your wishes with the organ builder. To buy an organ is a big investment, so it should meet up with your wishes and needs. Every organ builder, including Mixtuur, can make custom-build organs.

6. Various organs from Mixtuur

We can supply different models with the simplified or standart version of Hauptwerk™. In addition, you can often choose how many keyboards you want. On the other hand, you can also choose for a custom-build organ. Together with you we can make the best design and discuss all the possibilities.

Custom made thuisorgel wit met trekregisters

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