Simplified Hauptwerk, Hauptwerk for everyone!

Many think that if you want to use a Hauptwerk organ, you need to have knowledge of computers. Hauptwerk is after all a computer program.

This is incorrect!

Mixtuur has organs with simplified Hauptwerk. These organs can be used without any computer knowledge and where you can ofcourse still enjoy Hauptwerk to the fullest. You press the on button, you select the desired sample-set and the organ can be operated via simple displays.

This Technology is developed by Mixtuur and has no equal. It communicates directly with Hauptwerk.

You can choose an organ with virtual rocker tabs (Intrada), drawstops (Positief), the standard rockertabs (Fortissimo) or the advanced drawstops with automatic changing stopnames (Maestro).

Interested? Feel free to contact us.

You can reach us via the website, by telephone: +31 (0) 30-6061212, mail: or via a PB on facebook.