Organ for sale

If you enjoy playing the organ, you can now easily buy a home organ. Find the perfect home organ for you on our website. We offer different models and we can also customize an organ so it suits all your expectations.

Mixtuur organs

We offer a broad range of different models. Mixtuur builds organs for individuals, churches and concert halls. We have standard models, but also provide the possibility to design a tailored instrument for you. All the organs are being developed and tested fully in-house. All audio components are manufactured in-house as well. This way, we guarantee the optimal sound as you can expect from a real Mixtuur organ.

Organ for sale

Mixtuur sells different organs. We do have a broad range of home organs, organs for churches and concert halls organs available for you. Our technology ensures the best quality in sound and gives you that feeling of a real organ. All our organs are equipped with touchscreens, several keyboards and speakers and a Digital Signal Processor. All the organs have a beautiful, exclusive design and are equipped with high-end technology. Our technology ensures you that you do not need any knowledge of computers. It has been developed in such a way that it is very easy in use.

The Hauptwerk technology

All the Mixtuur organs are equipped with the original Hauptwerk software. You can either choose from a simplified version of Hauptwerk or the standard version of Hauptwerk. Hauptwerk is a software program that enables you to load sample sets from all kinds of existing organs. The sounds of all the individual pips have been recorded. The sounds are very realistic and indistinguishable from the real organ. This results in a breathtaking experience.

Buy your Mixtuur organ now

Have we already convinced you to buy your Mixtuur organ right now? Original organs have limits, but a Mixtuur organ transcends them. A home organ of Mixtuur offers virtually limitless possibilities. Several samplesets can be downloaded, therefor, several sounds can be played on just one single organ. Play and experience music in your living room the way it was intended!

If you want more information about our organs, please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will come back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to give you advise on which model fits your enquiries and which version of Hauptwerk you would like to install on your organ.

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