Hybrid organ

A hybrid organ – also called a combination organ – is an existing pipe organ supplemented with electronically generated sounds. Hauptwerk is ideal as an extension to an existing pipe organ, so that the sounds of the pipe organ can be supplemented with new voices. 

Looking to complement the current voices of your pipe organ? Then a hybrid organ is the perfect solution. Even if you do not want the voices of your current pipe organ to be lost, choosing a hybrid organ can be beneficial. We explain how it works.

How does a hybrid organ work?

Little is known about the possibilities offered by a hybrid organ. This is partly because the application of non-mechanical applications to an organ is not yet fully embraced. We would like to change this, because a combination between an existing pipe organ and a digital organ offers a lot of possibilities. With the invention of MIDI, the development of the hybrid organ has made great strides.

MIDI stand for Musical Instrument Digital interface and is a form o digital communication between two electronic musical instruments. MIDI works by means of commands that specify pitch, volume and so on. It is important to know that MIDI is not music or sound, it is just digital commands that indicate which tone etc. the instrument should strike.

Hauptwerk and MIDI

Hauptwerk is a computer program that is controlled by MIDI. Normally, a certain pipe (tone) is struck via the keyboard, with Hauptwerk this works otherwise. When you press a key on your keyboard, a signal is sent to the computer, which links the signal to the correct sound. This sound is sent to the sound card, which forwards the sound to the speakers. This makes it possible to play several organs on a Hauptwerk organ. All you need are the sample sets of your favorite organ.

Expand your organ with Hauptwerk?

Both church organs and home organs can be expanded with Hauptwerk. The only condition for a hybrid organ is that your current organ has MIDI. Our specialists are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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