Hauptwerk organ price

Would you like to purchase an organ equipped with the Hauptwerk software? Mixtuur has brand new Hauptwerk organs for a good price. We manufacture all the organs ourselves and can therefore customize it to your wishes. So you always have a Hauptwerk organ that suits you!

Hauptwerk technology

Mixtuur equips organs with the Hauptwerk software. This software is based on MIDI in which different sample sets of known organs can be loaded. In this way it is possible to play the sounds of different organs in the living room. The sample sets are recordings of the addressing of the pipe, the development of the sound and the release of the tone. This gives a realistic reproduction and you will experience the ultimate experience.

Mixtuur Etude organ klavieren

The real Mixtuur quality

When you purchase an organ from Mixtuur, equipped with the Hauptwerk technology, you are sure to get an organ of quality. We have been the Hauptwerk dealer of the Benelux for years. We build our organs entirely by ourselves in our production hall in Veenendaal. So we can customize an organ especially for you. We develop, build and test our organs entirely under our own management. We can equip them with the Hauptwerk software. We also connect amplifiers and loudspeakers seamlessly so that an optimal sound experience is created. We always go for 100% satisfaction and high quality. In addition, we offer a 2-year warranty on our organs and offer maintenance and repair.

The price of a Hauptwerk organ

The final price of a Hauptwerk organ depends on the model you buy. Mixtuur has a wide range of simplified Hauptwerk organs and standard Hauptwerk organs. The prices vary between €7.995,- and €33.450,-. All models have their own specification, there are organs with register switches and preset buttons, touchscreen, Digital Signal Processors and high-end speakers. Of course you can also choose to compose your own organ.

Would you like more information about the price of an organ equipped with the Hauptwerk technology? Would you like advice on which organ suits you best? Ask for the brochure or contact us.

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