Digital pipe organ

A digital pipe organ is an electronic keyboard instrument that works with the help of a software program. These days it is very difficult to distinguish a classic pipe organ from a digital pipe organ. That is because the software is so refined, that the differences are hardly audible.

Digital organs originated in the nineties. However, the sound then wasn’t nearly as good as it is today. Today, techniques have improved considerably, even causing many organ enthusiasts to switch to a digital pipe organ. The advantage of a digital organ is that you can play on hundreds of different organs using a software program such as Hauptwerk™.

Digital Hauptwerk™ organ

Hauptwerk™ works on the basis of MIDI and enables you to load different sample sets from hundreds of different organs. Such a sample set consists of the sound of the recorded organ. Each individual pipe has been recorded, including the attack transient of the pipe, the development of the sound and the release. Hauptwerk™ gives a realistic representation of the authentic sound of world famous organs.

Digital pipe organs are used both at home, in the church and concert halls. Thanks to the versatility of a digital organ, it can be used in any place. For example, many churches have switched to using a digital pipe organ instead of a classic pipe organ, simply because it offers many more possibilities.

Endless possibilities

Did you know that we can also combine an existing pipe organ with a digital organ from Mixtuur? This is also called a hybrid organ. This way you can expand your current church organ with multiple voices, without losing the current voices of your pipe organ. Because our organs are made to measure, we can always adjust the organ to the available space. Our sound technicians will always intonate the instrument into the space. Whether this is at home, in a church or a concert hall.

Digital pipe organ for sale

Looking for a digital pipe organ? Request a brochure from Mixtuur. We build the organs ourselves and can fully adapt it to your wishes. Also, we manufacture all audio components ourselves. So that you can enjoy an optimal sound experience.

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