Discover the possibilities of a digital church organ

Are you curious about the possibilities of a digital church organ? These are endless. With the Hauptwerk ™ software you can play hundreds of different organs with just one push of a button.

Not only do you have plenty of choice in which organ you want to play, you also have several options in terms of design. For operatin the Hauptwerk™ software, you can choose between a modern touchscreen, or a tradition draw register. In addition, you can also choose for complete customization. In that way, the church organ is assembled entirely according to your wishes.

5 benefits of a digital church organ with Hauptwerk

  1. A digital church organ with Hauptwerk ™ offers endless possibilities, you can play a Silbermann just as easily as a Cavaillé-Coll.
  2. An amazing sound experience, because the organ and the audio components are specially design to fit your church.
  3. A digital church organ with Hauptwerk ™ can no longer be distinguished from a traditional pipe organ.
  4. Also possible as an extension to your current pipe organ, without losing the current tones of your organ.
  5. Fixed or flexible audio set-up, full organ case or just a console, various options that suit your situation.

Demonstration of a Hauptwerk™ organ

Listen below to a demonstration on an Intrada III by Mixtuur Organs by Pétur Sakari. He made a demonstration video together with our Finnish Mixtuur-dealer, Timo Vikman.

In this video, various part from work by Bach, Vierne and Fanck, amongst others, are played on various sample-sets from different organs.

Interested in buying a digital church organ?

A digital church organ offers many possibilities. Are you curious about what a Mixtuur organ can offer for your church? At Mixtuur, you can buy an organ at an affordable price. Also, you receive a two-year warranty on a new organ.

Request our brochures, and learn everything about our organs. You can test various digital organs in our showroom, in Klundert – The Netherlands.