Build an organ

Mixtuur has been an authority in the field of Hauptwerk and organs for years. In our offer you will find various home organs and church organs, but you can also have an organ built with us. A custom organ meets all wishes and needs. You can have the organ built completely according to your wishes, so that it perfectly matches your wishes. Ask us about the possibilities or continue reading.

Always an organ that suits you

Mixtuur builds organs for individuals, churches and concert halls. Models ranging from standardized organs to custom made instruments. All Mixtuur organs are developed, built and tested completely in-house. Mixtuur has developed its own technologies that connect seamlessly with Hauptwerk™ software. In addition to the organs, Mixtuur also builds all audio components such as amplifiers and loudspeakers. This guarantees an optimal sound experience so that you can enjoy your dream organ!

An instrument for a lifetime of joy

A Mixtuur organ is made exclusively from the best materials. The organ is therefore of very high quality and will last for many years. When purchasing a new Hauptwerk organ, we also offer a two-year warranty. Because we build our instruments and audio ourselves, we can offer you the highest quality at the best price.

Build an organ

If you would like to have an organ built by Mixtuur, we cordially invite you to visit our showroom so that we can discuss your wishes while enjoying a cup of coffee. You have a lot of personal input, that’s what it’s all about when you have an organ custom built. From the color of the keyboards to the material of the bench. The finish of the case but also the size.

Demo in the showroom

Experience the benefits of the powerful Hauptwerk software yourself. Make an appointment in the showroom and we will be happy to show you all the possibilities of a Hauptwerk organ. You can see our various models of organs, as well as try out a Hauptwerk organ yourself. Request a digital brochure or contact us so that you can make an appointment immediately.

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