What is the organ with the most pipes?

That record goes to the Midmer-Losh organ at the Atlantic City Convention Center. This organ has 314 voices, 449 ranks, 7 manuals and 33.114 pipes. Mindblowing!

The organ in Macy’s Store (Wanamaker) in Philadelphia has more ranks (464 to be precise), but less pipes (28.750). This organ is build by Harris (LA Organ Co.), Quimby and Fleming & Till (Wanamaker).

The bronze medal goes to the organ in the Military Academy Cadet Chapel at West Point. This organ has 23.500 pipes.

All the organs in the top 3 are based in the USA. The first European organ is ranked on the 5th place. It is the organ in the Dom St. Stephan in Passau (Germany). This one has 17.974 pipes, which is still an impressive number.

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