The Netherlands has a lot of electronic organ developers. They all vary in supply. One of those organ developers is Mixtuur. Mixtuur has a lot of different organs and besides that they build their own organs all by themselves. Do you want to know more about Mixtuur? Then read on.

Electronic organ developer: Mixtuur

Mixtuur is one of the best known electronic organ developer in the Netherlands. Mixtuur builds organs for churches and concert halls but also for individuals. In addition, they develop their own technologies that can be seamlessly connected to the Hauptwerk software. The organs are all self-developed, built and tested. In addition, all audio components that are needed, such as speakers and amplifiers, are also made by Mixtuur.

What makes Mixtuur one of the better electronic organ developers?

Besides the fact that Mixtuur has years of experience in building and developing organs, they are very fond of quality. Mixtuur strives for the best quality for every customer. They do this by building their own instruments and audio. The best electronic organ developers guarantee the optimal sound experience, this is what Mixtuur takes care of.electronic organ developer

Also the prices are good compared to all organs. Where you often pay a lot more for comparable audio systems, Mixtuur offers them for a realistic price. Also, Mixtuur is not dependent on other brands, so you can act immediately if questions arise.


Mixtuur is one of the few electronic organ developers also specialized in Hauptwerk. Since the introduction of Hauptwerk they were already there. Mixtuur has also been able to develop technologies that are compatible with Hauptwerk’s software. Mixtuur constantly tries to innovate in the field of new software techniques.

Want to know more about Mixtuur?

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