Classic organ

There are still numerous classical organs being used all over Europe. Often, a classical pipe organ is used in churches and concert halls. The scent of an age-old wooden organ case and the accompanying nostalgic feeling are characteristics of playing on a classical organ. The reason why some municipalities are reluctant to switch to a digital organ is that they are afraid of losing that pure feeling. While a Hauptwerk organ is the best, sometimes even a better, alternative to a classical organ. Why is that so? Continue reading and find out.

The classical pipe organ consists of several pipes, each producing its own sound. When the organist presses a key, the mechanism blows air into one or more pipes, which then produces a sound. Depending on the amount of keyboards and pipes, up to hundreds of sounds can be produced on a single organ. View the most beautiful and largest organs in the world here.

Classic or digital?

What exactly are the differences between a classical and digital organ? As described above, a classical pipe organ is driven by wind. The air that flows through the pipes produces a certain sound. A digital organ, on the other hand, is controller by so-called MIDI software.

A digital organ from Mixtuur is controlled by the software program Hauptwerk. Sample sets from 100+ different organs can be loaded using Hauptwerk. When the organist presses a key, a signal is sent which is then linked by a computer to the corresponding sound. The great advantage of Hauptwerk is that you can play on world-famous organs, all thanks to the sophisticated Hauptwerk software. Moreover, the sound of a Hauptwerk organ cannot be distinguished from a classical organ!

Classic organ

Classic digital organ for at home or in the church

At Mixtuur we are specialized in building digital organs with a classic look. Moreover, it is also possible to combine an existing pipe organ with Hauptwerk. In this way, nothing of the appearance of the classic organ will be lost. A combination of an existing organ with a digital organ is often tailor-made. Our specialists are happy to discuss the options with you in advance.

Whether you are looking for an organ for at home, in the church or another occasion: at Mixtuur you are in the right hands. Our Mixtuur organs are very suitable for individuals who would like to play an organ at home. In combination with Hauptwerk, you can play the most beautiful music pieces at home, on world-famous organs. View our living room organs or request the digital brochure.

Interested in a classic organ with Hauptwerk?

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