An organ for home

Are you looking for an organ for your home? Then you are at the right place by Mixtuur. We have a wide range of organs in different models and sizes. Whether you are looking for a classic pipe organ or a custom made organ. You will find it all by Mixtuur.

All Mixtuur organs are built, developed and tested in-house. Because of this you are always assured of excellent quality. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you just want to know if we can offer you the organ especially for your home? Then read on quickly or contact us for more information. Our specialists are happy to help you.

Organs for your home: different models and sizes

The offer of Mixtuur is based on a wide range of different models and sizes. From the basic organ at home till the exclusive custom-made organ, you can find it all at Mixtuur.

orgel in huis

You can find different models if you take a look at our living room organs. A popular model of Mixtuur is the Etude. This organ is compact and recognisable because of the laminate furniture. This organ has a touchscreen, which makes it possible to use our 60 virtual register switches and preset buttons. Besides this model, you can also find 8 other models in our offer, like the Positief and Kabinet. All models deliver a first class sound reproduction which causes an optimal sound experience.

Basic or simplified Hauptwerk

If you buy an organ at home, you can choose a basic or simplified Hauptwerk. Simplified Hauptwerk is often chosen for the ones who play at home. It is easy to operate and that is why it is the perfect organ for home. With the basic Hauptwerk you are fully in control and get the most out of your Hauptwerk organ. Absolutely suitable for real organ lovers. Ask for the possibilities to know more about the differences between basic and simplified Hauptwerk.

Do you want to know more about our organs for home?

Mixtuur is happy to help you when you are interested in buying an organ for home. Since 2007, we have been the official Hauptwerk-dealer in the Benelux. At Mixtuur you can find the basics of the custom-made organs. Are you interested in our offer? Let us surprise you or take a look at our models or ask for the digital brochure. You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Klundert. Make an appointment and get the experience of the beautiful sound of our organs.

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