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Mixtuur V-Touch

For the discerning organist has the ideal Mixtuur Hauptwerk organ composed. A unique new concept, all components are integrated into a contemporary furniture. This ideal Hauptwerk organ Mixtuur V-Touch has been fully developed in-house and built.

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Mixtuur Exclusive Design

Een orgel geheel op maat laten maken behoort tot de mogelijkheden. Zowel voor huiskamer als kerkzaal. Het registreren kan op verschillende manieren worden gerealiseerd waarbij trekregisters tot de mogelijkheden behoren. Neem contact op voor meer informatie

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Mixtuur - Hauptwerk specialist van Nederland


Your ears tell it you

Mixtuur Orgels creates, advises and designs solutions to make true to life pipe organ sounds available in churches and at home, using the most modern technics. We see it as a challenge to make your expectations come true, and to make state of the art technology servient in a reliable and user-friendly solution. Profound knowledge of hardware and software is not necessary to enjoy true to life pipe organ sounds!

Why Mixtuur Orgels? 10 reasons!

Ten good reasons to choose for Mixtuur Orgels:

  1. You bring all your musical wishes to one supplier. This safes you time.
  2. Through the use of sample sets you can adapt your choice anytime.
  3. Not only for organs together with sample sets this is the right address to come to, but also for a well chosen product line of accessories you can come to us.
  4. We take care of the realisation of the desired solution and are responsible for the entire project till the very end.
  5. Your wishes have been realised often for other customers. We invite you to visit us to hear direct experiences. Whether it is about an extensive solution in a private area, or a church organ.
  6. When service is needed, it isn’t necessary to contact the manufacturer. We take care of everything.
  7. The whole production is realised by Mixtuur’s own employees. So we can guarantee the highest quality, which we don’t like to outsource.
  8. All the experience comes from various markets for many years. You can take advance of this experience and expertise, both on the side of advice as well as on the side of producing.
  9. Mixtuur’s own employees have an extensive knowledge of Hauptwerk software and all the technology that is need for it. They guarantee you the highest level of service, which you may expect.
  10. You can bring your thoughtful made choice to us without any cause of worry. A healthy foundation, which strongly contributes to a nice and fruitful colaboration.



Mixtuur Orgels provide custome-made and ready-to-play solutions, whatever you desire. Thanks to extensive technical possibilities and a thoughtful selection of suppliers, we are able to convert all your wishes into reality. For personal advice, we welcome you wholehearted in our fully equiped and decorated showroom. Do you desire a solution for use in a church? Then we like to come to you to discuss all the possibilities with you. Or we introduce you to a former project of us.

Service and support

Mixtuur Orgels is responsible for delivered products, also after delivery. That’s why 3 years warranty is our norm. Would you like periodic maintainance for your organ? That is possible too. Inform us for the possibilities!

Relations events

Would you like to be the first one to listen and to experience a new semple set? That’s possible. Customers of Mixtuur Orgels will be invited personally for a festive introduction of new samples. A nice opportunity to meet colleague organists in a musical atmosphere. And of course you can make use of introductory offers, in order to take your new sample set immediately home.

Would you like to know more about Mixtuur Orgels?

Please contact us without any obligations, we like to be there for you.

     Please visit our showroom to convince yourself.





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3433 PB Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

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